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About ACS Industrial Services Inc.

ACS Industrial Services Inc. is a mid-size, third-party electronics repair firm headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland with facilities in both Maryland and North Carolina. We provide expert repair services for virtually all types of commercial and industrial electronics. Our customers range from small, sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies. We welcome international customers.

Who is ACS Industrial Services Inc. – A Brief History

ACS Industrial Services Inc. was founded in 1999 to provide electronic repair resources to the local manufacturing businesses. Since that time ACS Industrial Services Inc. has expanded to providing service to companies of all sizes on an international scale. ACS has served thousands of customers from a wide range of industries including: Manufacturing Plants, US Government, Food Processing, Beverage Bottling, Consumer Goods, Aerospace, Plastics, Milling and Tool, Injection Molding, Fiber Optic, Printers, Corrugated Box, Fiberglass, Paper & Pulp, Chemical, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and much more. The greatest asset of the company is the talented and highly skilled employees. ACS Industrial Services Inc. is a customer-centric company founded on a successful combination of:

  • Fast and Free Estimates for Your Repairs
  • Rapid Diagnosis of the Problem(s)
  • Superior Turn Around Times
  • Significant Savings of 35%-70% compared to buying new
  • Component Level Repairs Performed by some of Industry’s Best Technicians
  • Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty
At ACS Industrial Services Inc., we get your production lines up and running fast. We repair your damaged industrial components and equipment with speed and precision. Fortune 500 customers and government agencies across the United States rely upon our high quality industrial repairs, rapid turnaround times and reasonable prices every day.

Free Evaluations

Our customers tell us they like the fact that we offer free evaluations and that their repair prices are based on the amount of damage to their items, not a percentage of replacement or new costs, a common practice in the industry.

We quote repair prices based on the damage to your item. Standard repairs are usually completed 5-15 days after you approve the service order. Rush service is available upon request for an additional fee.

Expert and Thorough Repairs

Every item is treated like we would treat our own equipment and we pay meticulous attention to the details when repairing your item(s). We take pride in doing complete, expert electronic repairs and do all the preventive maintenance procedures when repairing an item. For example, after the initial repair and replacement of defective components, we examine the surrounding components and circuit sections for stress caused by the original failure. Many times there are components that test "good" but our experienced techs know by the type of failure that they are weakened parts and should be replaced for a thorough repair job. We sometimes replace twice as many "good" components as the failed ones so you get a complete repair.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our repairs carry a comprehensive Two-Year warranty unless otherwise stated. If your unit does not work correctly when reinstalled or if you have installation questions, please call us right away. Our customer service team can help. Please contact us with any question(s) you may have. We look forward to working with you and getting your defective electronic equipment back up and running as fast as possible.

Thank you for your interest in our services and visiting our web site. We hope you found the information helpful. Please call us for help with your electronic repair needs.

  Free Electronic Repair Evaluation

After you have filled in the online form, print out a completed form and drop it in the box with your component and ship to the address on the bottom of the form. No RA or RMA is required, however, filling out this form automatically provides you with an RMA to help streamline the process and give you a job number to refer to if you have questions.

Concerning Your Privacy

We respect and protect your privacy. We will ONLY use your email address to communicate with you. Your email address will NEVER be disclosed outside ACS Industrial Services Inc..